Why Hiring remote employees may be the best business decision you make this year

Are you looking to hire new employees or plan to do this in the next few months? It would be advisable if you hire remote employees instead of opening and setting up an office with employees reporting to work daily.

If you haven't heard yet, the future of work is remote work. Ever since the entire world was shocked by the extent to which a global pandemic can paralyze businesses and entire economies, many businesses have had to adjust their ways of working. One of the new strategies that businesses have to adopt is hiring people who work from home instead of commuting to work.

At first, the primary advantage was to ensure people did not come into direct contact with each other and spread the deadly virus. However, with time, other advantages became more apparent as time went by. 

Here are part of the benefits that some of our clients enjoy when hiring remote employees on our platform:

Redefining Your Business: The Power of Hiring Remote Workers

  1. Cutting Costs, Boosting Profit: The Magic of Reduced Overheads

One of the most valuable ways to cut back on costs is to reduce office space or get rid of it entirely. If you are a small business or a startup, you will always want to stay within a limited budget. Consider hiring remote employees who work from home and spare you the burden of maintaining a properly running office.

By so doing, you will be able to get rid of expenses like rent, water, electricity, internet, tea, coffee, and other kitchen bills. Work-from-home employees take care of their own expenses and living costs instead of paying, for example, for their rent, electricity, and any other utilities.

  1. Beyond Boundaries: Unleashing the Potential of a Wider Talent Pool

If you decide to hire employees who commute to the office daily, you will be limiting yourself to the local talent pool. However, if you decide to hire remote workers, you will have the advantage of hiring from a much broader and rich talent pool that's diverse in many ways.

You can hire remote employees from anywhere in the world. Besides, if you open yourself to hiring remote employees, you will attract talent from abroad.

  1. The Productivity Boost: Take Your Business to the Next Level

Recruiting remote employees will be a good choice if you are looking for high productivity among your employees. The fact that they do not commute to work and are in charge of their schedules makes them more happy and able to focus on their job more.

Remote workers enjoy the flexibility and freedom that going to the office doesn't offer. Such perks enable them to be more efficient at meeting set targets easily since they are in a much better mental space. It will be wise if you tap into this critical aspect and hire these employees and you will enjoy improved success from employees who give more and better outputs.

  1. Say Goodbye to Employee Tardiness 

Let's face it, commuting to the office is hectic, especially if you live far away. Getting through heavy traffic during busy mornings is so tiring for the employees. On top of that, they still have to come in and stick to strict shifts, which sometimes are boring or unbearable.

Why put up with employee lateness when you can alternatively hire remote workers who do not have to commute and get tired and late in the process?

Get a remote workforce to ensure your employees are always punctual in starting and finishing work early. This essential element will enable you to beat deadlines promptly and eliminate delays and postponements. 

  1. From Panic to Power: Strengthen Your Disaster Preparedness

Do you have a disaster mitigation strategy in place? A bounce back or smooth continuation of operations strategy will ensure that your company operations will not be hampered in the event of a disaster, whether internal or external.

If you do, make sure you include shifting your employees from working from the office to working from home. If need be, have a plan on how to hire remote employees to fill positions left by employees initially working from the office.

Hiring remote employees allows your business to sustain the effects of floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and disease outbreaks. Instead of panicking in a disaster, you can switch swiftly to a work-from-home protocol without much delay and deliberation. 

Remember, anytime your business comes to stand still, you stand the risk of losing money.

  1. From Missing in Action to Always in Action: Combat Absenteeism in the Workplace

One of the factors that lead to unmet deadlines, delays, and postponements, is employee absenteeism. Absenteeism can be due to many issues, such as doctor appointments, and competing interests, to mention a few.

Therefore, as a business owner, how do you ensure your employees always turn up for work and can meet their targets on time? Simple! Hire remote workers.

By hiring remote workers, you can agree with them on how they can get their job done as soon as possible and then attend to their issues later. So the time they could have spent commuting to work, they can spend on their issues later after or before work.

  1. Global Connections Made Easy: Unlocking the Social Benefits of Networking

Do you want to position your company to expand globally? You probably have ambitions to grow and be a global brand. Therefore, make the giant leap and expand your horizons by opening up your company and bringing in international talent. These remote employees will also unofficially be your brand ambassadors and advocates in their respective countries.

  1. Rise to the Top: Unleashing the Power of Increased Competitiveness

Businesses always compete to be the best and most well-known in whatever they do. In that regard, business owners should always be looking for things that will give them an upper advantage over their competitors.

One brilliant way of ensuring you are always competitive is first to hire talented people and not limit your talent pool, ensure you offer them flexibility and a level of freedom where they can produce more quality output, and finally make more connections.

You can achieve all these by hiring remote employees and offering the perks mentioned above. Through this, you can consistently maintain high levels of competitiveness and grow your business exponentially. New employees joining your company from abroad will also bring in new ideas that have proven useful in their countries and you can add these to your company policies too to see a marked improvement.

  1. Enjoy Higher Retention Rates

Remote employees are more likely to stay in their jobs longer than their companions who have to commute to the office. If you factor in the fact that remote employees have more freedom and flexibility regarding shifts, you realize the advantage they enjoy is indeed considerable compared to office workers. 

They also have more time to engage in personal activities, be it hobbies or side jobs, or projects, more time to spend with their families, and more time to rest, making them much more comfortable in their minor roles. But, again, this is because the remote job offers them considerably more than an office job.

  1. Increased Customer Satisfaction

If you own a business with a global presence, you will need to have a customer support team on standby in whichever time zone your customers are located in. In addition, it will be wise to employ remote workers in various time zones who can ensure that your customers receive prompt support whenever needed.

Hiring remote workers offers you the ability to keep your business always running with no downtimes due to time zones. Your customers will always find your business and your support prompt and reliable which is a plus when it comes to attracting and retaining customers.

Remember, your customers are at the center of the growth or downfall of your business. 

Therefore, a happy client makes a happy business owner. 

Let HireMango Help You Grow Your Business Exponentially With an Efficient Remote Workforce

At HireMango, we help connect businesses with top remote workers with varied and unlimited skills. For the duration of our existence, we have increased our clientele base and received great reviews from businesses we have connected with remarkable remote workers. If you strongly consider hiring an efficient remote workforce, reach us today so we can start planning your growth strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Benefits of Hiring Work-From-Home Employees

Why Are Remote Employees Good?

A healthier work-life balance.

Remote employees enjoy lots of flexibility, more time with their families, and other personal things. As a result, they will be happier, stress-free, and enjoy working for you while having flexibility and freedom. 

What Are The Benefits Of Remote Employee Engagement?

In as much as employees get lots of flexibility in their jobs, reduced stress, and more personal time, they also offer their employers increased overall company productivity, reduced absenteeism, and the ability to cut overall company costs.

What Are The Competitive Advantages of Hiring Remote Workers?

Employing from anywhere globally is arguably the most significant benefit of working remotely. Building and keeping a solid team is crucial to a startup's success. Due to this, businesses actively fight with one another to entice the best talent on the market.